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Saturday, February 28, 2004

acj and everything after
verse 1

i started sharon on a 'there's less than 35 days for college to end' conversation this morning. a conversation she dint want to have. but i like preparing ahead so when its finally hug, good-bye and lets keep in touch time i'll be ready for it.

the first morning i woke up i had 3 chaps sleeping in close proximity to me at 'the temple of love'. my toes were entwined with that of the bengali and my right hand was resting on the bare chest of the maldivian. the malayali was thankfully some distance away.

whoa....whats this? from having an empty house to myself where i could walk around in my boxers and pick my nose i now had to head to the toilet if much needed crotch adjustments and other such activities were required. the move from 'the temple of love' to 2 b was a relief. another bengali for a room-mate, atleast he was a fair distance away from my toes and arms.

the first night it finally dawned upon me as to why normal people become cold blooded killers. rahul had a cold, cough and fever and from the looks of it he had emptied his entire medicine box into his mouth. what started as moan emitted when one sees an object of desire in REM soon became moans, groans, voodoo style mutterings and satanic verse recitals.
the bangladeshi and manipuri's rather hurried evacuation from jains made sense now. they had no intention of turning into raving, ranting insomniacs.

from the temple of love to the temple of doom.


fast forward nine months.

ive learned to like his colgate smile, quirkiness, mania (ask arun), good sense of humour, his comp (hehe) and well his moans and groans, which arrive far more infrequently now.

im going to miss him.

p.s:he's still trying to get me to pop his pills and potions.

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