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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

writer's block or the procrastinator's poor excuse for not blogging. i shall not fall into that trap. writer's block or the constipation for words.not for me.....even if the last drop of creativity is drained out of me and the words string together like crooked teeth.

i miss running. running till my lungs burned and gasped for breath and run some more till i would cross the pain border and enter the zone where i cant feel a thing.......
the buzz of an impossible moment
thoughts cease and the 'things to do' post-it embedded in my brains burns to a cinder leaving no afterthought smoke.

i miss dancing and hearing beats pound into my mind like a sledgehammer. my body gyrating to a motion with no meaning.
rhythm fuelled by serenity flowing like liquid steel and settling into every pore.
body and mind become one.
space and time collide and then collapse.
no thought.


..............the rhapsody of an impossible moment.............
everything in the here and the now.
the past not remembered.
the future not arrived.

a genuine smile.
mom's warm hands on my feverish forhead.
summer holidays.

freedom found in a kulfi bought from the money not spent on a bus ticket.

shooting stars
divas and devils
comic book heroes
juicy candy bars
pink hair-do's
chocolate filled cavities.

baby sleep.
free fall.......heaven become.

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