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Friday, January 30, 2004

hmmmmm.....two months more to go before its a wrap at the asian college of journalism. im looking forward to being a journo and changing the world and making it a better place to live.
i need a job at a big media house and fat pay packet to buy shiny car with sony cd system and mag wheels.
big house with gadgets and gizmos to attract pretty girl with big bosom and small mind to take to office parties and other such high society shindigs.
buy myself membership to classy club, have children with no runny noses and high IQ
.... able to recite nursery rhymes and recall tunes of latest tv commercials
i shall raise money for poor at fashion show related charity drives and have cocktail conversations about farmers dying due to bad policy making at the WTO and how the US is to blame for my flagging libido and my wife's roving eye.
and how im constantly pondering as to whether my middle is bigger than my mid life crisis.
have sex with young 20 something intern who subscribes to the power being the biggest aphrodisiac theory and send secret smiles to my colleagues while thinking about the romp.
kevin spacey in 'american beauty' ah huh.
retire as editor of newspaper completely convinced that all of my journalism career was worth that one article wrote about kid with hole in heart and how generously the public responded and my expose' on the corrupt municipal authorities.
life has been exciting has it not................
geez i could now sell my story to Warner Bros.
whats that? my heart feels like its on fire......
clogged artery sending cruel death message to God.
life flashes back in a few seconds.............
in the cold face of death the only thing i can think of is the joints smoked with buddies while staring at stars on nights with clear skies............
phuq im late for my business reporting class........
that explains why i got that C.

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