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Saturday, April 24, 2004

marquis de moses
open wide she says, this might hurt a bit. I'll spray some anaesthetic on it and if it hurts too much then i'll inject you. i'm thinking morphine and its accompanying languid daze. the spray does the trick, i cant feel a thing.
she begins what seems like an electric drill to my ears.
i feel like she's my shearing my gums so that my teeth fall out automatically. the pain starts, damn the pain suppressor. she continues, i can feel some kind of spray coming out of my mouth, i later learn that it was the blood from my spongy sensitive gums. the taste in my mouth now is that of having munched on old leather chappals with old engine oil as sauce.
i need to spit and ask for morphine shot. but she had said that this procedure would not require injecting, i cant be chicken, i can bear the pain. but i need to spit and spit i do. except this aint spit but blood, not the diluted blood mixed with spit. but just plain thick almost blackish blood.
im the count of transylvannia who's just held up a blood bank, and im upto my neck with blood so i gotta barf.
are you ok she asks? this one you can tell is concerned. she must have used her intuition to figure i wasnt ok. im all right, are you allright? i mean after all you are the one doing all the hard work. all im doing is lying down with my legs up. you are the one who needs to concentrate. im fine she says.
i wasnt being sarcastic when id asked her whether she was allright and saying that she was the one doing all the hard work.imagine... she slips for a minute, shes thinking about how her husband keeps saying he doesnt know where he kept his credit card bills. her worst fears have been confirmed, he's cheating on her, shes angry with the husband, she seeks revenge, she needs blood. thats why my smile and concern.' me im allright, i hope you are ok, im chilling here while you are doing all the hard work'

i close my eyes and she employs her electric drill.

scuba diving and swimming with mermaids and rainbow coloured sea creatures
in a ferrari driving to victory after starting 20th on the grid
two feet away from the peak of everest with tenzing and hilary on my back
saying howdy to neil armstrong as he descends from his bird on the moon
skydiving with jonathan livingston seagull
water water rafting somewhere in the colorado
with tarzan in the amazon inches away from the all woman tribe
devised doors which will close all windows on bill gates
scoring the goal of the century later dubbed the leg of god
scoring the fastest one day century all sixes, no singles, fours, threes or fives i flatlining....................................................
the agony is unbearable stallone in first blood strapped to wires which are sending paroxyms of pain and anguish directly to the pain receptors in my brain.
we are done she says.........and im looking at her like she's the queenpaingiver of the ruskie army 'you wont get nothing outta me , you phuqqing commie'
mr. moses we are done.
yeah ok, i make my way to the ice-cream parlour, a 80 buck tub for 50 qwul.
next time i shall pop my own drugs and smile through the suffering.

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