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Monday, May 31, 2004

its 3 am on saturday night, well more of a sunday morning and the venue is a popular night-club. the music is chromed, polished and slots like liquid mercury in your brains. the beats per minute keeps increasing until the tempo sears through your mind and your body starts gyrating involuntarily. the strobes are unmerciful with their assualt, painting surreal images on the wet bodies of the dancers. the dj is a god on acid creating an illusion of magic and merry mayhem as he puts a spin on the discs. the heathens bow before idols of bacchus and aphrodite seeking rhapsodies of exquisite pleasure.
the lights and the sound work in tandem to obliterate thought, burning soberiety to a cinder. teen spirits wearing beguiling charms and taut smooth skins soaked in a mixture of sweat and manufactured pheromones seducing each other languidly. the atmosphere is orgasmic, the nymphs and the knights forget the mundaneness of their existence to flee to a theater where the script reads of freedom, rapture and infinite amusement.
awake the next morning with a stranger in bed soon to be a friend or a friend soon be abandoned as a stranger. head pounding, tongue dry as sandpaper, feeling like a freshly squeezed sponge and having the whole of sunday to entertain the hang over.
amen to teenage debauchery and decadence.


Saturday, May 29, 2004

here she goes again
seduction of the downward spiral
or elevator to heavensmell
lo! ho ho
she be the free spirit
wildchild........wanton cloud rider
no..........i shall not stop her
she be happy with love
or the illusion of it


Saturday, May 22, 2004

pristine sapphire sky
smattering of virgin white clouds
a family of four sea-gulls
diving, darting soaring and screeching
free and flowing
fired by the sun and sea alike

a clan of bohemian brothers
seeking the tallest waves
the loudest raves
alive feeling pained pleasure
from salty sea licking
surf-board fall wounds

with night-crawl
the sky is a roof
sand pillows
wind and waves crooning lazy lullabies
counting shooting stars
to court sleep

dance with loch ness and the yeti in my dreams


gazing skywards on a clear night
i spotted the moon
lo behold! she had a daughter by her side
shining and sparkling
she bore all signs
of a nocturnal clandestine consummation
with a superstar from another universe

the daughter it seems
was the seed of maverick planets
with fireworks for hair
a smile to douse a thousand suns
eyes that welled up with springs of eternal soothing
God and his angels watched
with open mouths and rapt heavenly attention
and threw orchid confetti from their front row seats


Saturday, May 15, 2004

cold storage
my muses she denies me and cohabits with rigor mortis.
she's on a bender guzzling comatose-cocktails, binging on numbskull sandwiches and courting zombies
come back dear muse .....
im jaded, faded and have cobwebs in my mind


Sunday, May 09, 2004

it is sunday morning
i lost my shades yesterday
now everybody can see my eyes
climb the window to my soul
it is time to mourn
maybe even a funeral
but all funeral parties they wear black
black shades included
i have no shades
i lost my shades yesterday


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

her again
she's .........
the sleep in my wakefulness
and the wakefulness in my sleep

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