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Monday, November 29, 2004

workin' it
you know that your job is been taken too seriously when you clear your throat, hit the right baritone and answer the phone with crisp, professional, "Business Standard," posed both as a greeting and a statement.

i've always answered with a simple "hello" when i pick up my cell-phone.


Thursday, November 11, 2004


i look up from my washing and rinsing to spot my maid directing a half-smile towards my blank face. hmmm, "what now?", i ask, "you must'nt wash your own clothes," she suggests. i mumble something about having washed my clothes nearly all my life.
she's waiting for me to finish my fabric cleansing so that she can swiftly sweep and swab my bed-room and go back home to a child who's ill and the husband who's always in bliss from bedding bacchus.

she: who's that?(eyes rivetted to the photu next to my bed)
me: that's my girlfriend (i dont want to alarm her and so quickly add that we plan on marrying in 06)
she: i always wanted to ask you about her, but could not bring myself to. she is very nice.
me: thank you.(you are not getting a raise,woman)
she: please marry soon, she can wash all your clothes.

life-time guarantee and free service, also cooks, cleans and gives head and ego massage when in pain.

yeah, ok sign me on

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