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Friday, February 06, 2004

i'm a filler in your every day conversations.
i come and i go.
can i throw a pebble in your lake of thoughts and watch the ripples.
would you like some coffee and conversation.
can we be together.
with dilated eyes and silly smiles.
do you want to step aboard my helium heart.
slip past clouds, to a vast open blue.
you and me together.

will you be me coz I would love to be you.

shall we dance with sweat mingling and skin tingling
on a rollercoaster thru a diamond dust milky way
ecstasy erupting like a vesuvius
will you walk with me
thru fiery sunsets, supernovas, silent valleys.
would you like to drown with me in this sea of serenity.
im waiting soul soup searcher somewhere between twilight and moonlight

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